The BBC celebrated its centenary in 2022. No other broadcaster in the world has had such a storied and extensive history.  And today it is a global, digital and diverse collection of platforms and programmes.

CBeebies is a micro BBC for under sixes – offering the very best quality programmes, services and games that fully reflect the diversity and interests of children across the UK.

Engaging in the creation of the Kids Section for the Brand, following my involvement in the major BBC Rebrand, was very exciting and fun. The challenge was about harmonizing the children's channels within the new BBC system, fostering a deeper affiliation with the masterbrand, but still showcasing its vibrant and playful essence.

I had the opportunity to work on the development and creation of different assets for CBeebies, CBBC and Bitesize, together with the BBC Brand team. Our focus was on the broadcast architecture (Openers, Closers, Blips etc.) while Bluezoo was crafting the Idents.

Credits: Victoria Stout, Amy Johnson, Salesi Morris, Ed Linfoot, Ken Rodrigues, Louise Braham, Daniel Robinson, Brendan Barry, Shaun Adamson, Baiba Grase.
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