Ditroit involved me in the creation of this video for Sans Souci Magazine.
I was mainly responsible for building and animating the submarine-inspired ougrowths on the wolf.
The challenge was to differentiate and randomize all the elements wich grow on the wolf's skin (both in terms of animation and modeling) and making them look as part of a whole alien organism at the same time.
Here are some stills from the process and the final output.
Full credit List:

- Direction: Ditroit
- Design: Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta
- Modeling: Fabiano Di Liso, Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta, Giovanni Mauro, Andrea Stragapede
- Shading & Lighting: Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta
- Rigging: Giacomo Lietti, Enrica Paltrinieri
- Character Animation: Paolo Cerva, Daniela Zanne
- Animation: Pietro Furbatto, Andrea Stragapede, Daniela Zanne
- Fluid Simulation: Karolina Sereikaite
- Compositing: Pietro Furbatto, Salvatore Giunta
- Editing: Daniela Zanne
- Music & Sound Design: Guido Smider
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